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Prof. Etienne Rivière


Raziel Carvajal Gómez

PhD student

  • B.S. & M.Sc Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, México
  • Research engineer at LINA and Inria, France
  • Involved in the DIONASYS collaborative project.
  • Topic: adaptive overlay networks in wireless systems and geo-distributed cloud systems.

Carole Djeumo Noucti

PhD student

  • Dipl-Eng. Institut Africain d'Informatique de Libreville, Gabon
  • M.Sc. University of Yaounde, Cameroon
  • Involved in the RAINDROP collaborative project.
  • Topic: Adaptation of micro-services applications in the edge-cloud continuum.

Paolo Laffranchini

PhD student (co advised by Prof Luis Rodriguez, IST Portugal, and Prof Ramin Sadre, UCLouvain)

Matthieu Pigaglio

PhD Student

  • M.Sc ENSEIRB, France
  • Topic: performance and scalability of sharded blockchain systems.

Dr. Guillaume Rosinosky

Post-doctoral researcher

  • M. Eng & M.Sc CNAM Paris in evening studies while working as developer and lead developer (10 years)
  • PhD Uni. of Lorraine and Inria, France, 2019
  • Research interests: cloud/edge/fog computing, optimization, machine learning
  • Topics: multi-site cloud programming, resource management for cloud computing and big data, blockchain infrastructures.

Donatien Schmitz

PhD Student

  • M.Sc UCLouvain, 2021
  • Topic: resource management for cloud computing and big data applications.
  • Involved in the GEPICIAD collaborative project.

Dr. Igor Zavalyshyn


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Dr. Vikas Jaiman

April to December 2018
Role: Researcher, involved in the EBSIS H2020 and DIONASYS projects. Research on performance in key value stores under heterogeneous workloads. Now a research scientist at Lisk | Lightcurve, Berlin, Germany.

Dr. Ayham Kassab

December 2019 to November 2021
Role: Post-doctoral researcher, involved in the FairBCaaS project.

Dr. Michał Król

June 2019 to July 2020
Role: Post-doctoral research associate. Now a lecturer at City, University of London, UK.

Dr. Clay Palmeira Da Silva

March 2021 to December 2021
Role: Post-doctoral researcher

Dr. Viet-Hoang Tran

February 2020 to November 2021
Role: Post-doctoral researcher, involved in the FairBCaaS project.

Current Master Students

Shraddha Bhojane

Master student

  • Topic: Adaptive large-scale overlays using Gossip-based construction

Colin Evrard and Julien Lienard

Master students

  • Topic: Anomaly detection on edge: A federated learning approach
  • in collaboration with Dr. Sarah Klein, SIRRIS, Brussels

Nicolas Gennart

Master student

  • Topic: access control in the OpenHAB smart home environment

François Genon and Sébastien Pierre

Master students

  • Topic: Security of the IPFS content resolution system
  • in collaboration with Dr. Michał Król, City, University of London, UK

Hugo Lloreda Sanchez and Sophie Tysebaert

Master students

  • Topic: Blockchain-based secure audit trail for data sharing in distributed environment
  • in collaboration with Dr. Annanda Rath, SIRRIS, Brussels

Alessio Robustella

Master student

  • Topic: benchmarking and fairness in the Sawtooth blockchain

Graduated Master Students

François Froment

Master student (2021)

  • Topic: High performance computing for simulation of proton therapy treatments

Stanley Goffinet and Donatien Schmitz

Master student (2021)

  • Topic: Controlling security rules using natural dialogue: An application to smart home care

Samir Marini Mohamed and Edgar Gevorgyan

Master student (2021)

  • Topic: ErasMail, un outil open source pour aider les citoyens à évaluer et à réduire l'impact environnemental de leurs courriers électroniques dans le cloud

Guillaume Ortegat

Master student (2021)

  • Topic: Leveraging edge proximity and diversity in interactive stateful applications

Alexandre Moueddene and Maxime Clement

Master student (2021)

  • Topic: DAVE: Deterministic, Adaptive, Verifiable and Efficient transaction placement for sharded UTXO blockchains

Laritza Cabrera Alba

Master student (2020)

  • Topic: Improving performance and tail latencies in key-value stores

Maxime De Streel

Master student (2020)

  • Topic: Temporary infrastructures and Ad-Hoc networking for Mars explorers
  • In collaboration with the UCL to Mars project

Antoine Denauw and Nicolas Sauvenée

Master students (2020)

  • Topic: Adding new features to an account management web application at CISM

Aurélien Widart

Master student (2020)

  • Topic: Scalable and extensible social networks

Laurent Desausoi

Master student (2020)

  • Topic: A Secure and Auditable Dropbox using Intel SGX

Gary Lovisetto

Master student (2019)

  • Topic: A foundation for extensible and decentralized social networks

Samuel Monroe & Rémy Voet

Master students (2019)

  • Topic: Integrated platform for distributed systems training

Alessandra Rossaro & Corentin Surquin

Master students (2019)

  • Topic: Portability of profiles in Mastodon using Blockchain

Jérome Navez & Xavier Pérignon

Master students (2018)

Jean-Baptiste Macq & Emilio Gamba

Master student (2018)

GuestsVisiting students
Dr. Sonia Ben Mokhtar, Invited professor, January 2018 Quentin Dufour, U. Rennes 1, France (PhD), November 2018
Alex Buzdugan, UIAC, Romania (M.Sc.), September 2018
Genc Tato, U. Rennes 1, France (PhD), Spring 2018
Anthony Dugois, ENS Lyon (M.Sc.), July 2019