The Cloud and Large Scale computing group at UCLouvain, Belgium is led by Prof Etienne Rivière. It belongs to the ICTEAM research institute and the Louvain School of Engineering (EPL). The group was established in October 2017.

The group research interests are in building, deploying and evaluating innovative computer systems. We work to improve the scalability, performance, security and ease of programming of large-scale and distributed cloud environments, blockchain infrastructures, programmable networks, and mobile systems.

Check the research section of this website for more details and a list of our publications.

The group offers the following courses (some in collaboration with other EPL members):

  • [Masters] LINFO2145 Cloud Computing: Development of scalable applications for the Cloud, featuring state-of-the-art software engineering principles and the coverage of systems aspect, performance, security, data management and processing.
  • [Masters] LINFO2355 Multicore Programming: Programming models and methods for scalable applications on modern multi-processor and multi-core architectures.
  • [Masters] LINFO2349 Networking and security seminar: We discuss the latest findings in networks and systems security, and learn how to read and write research papers.
  • [Bachelor] LINFO1252 Operating Systems: Principles and use of UNIX, design and implementation of operating systems.
  • [Bachelor] LINFO1002 Projets en informatique 1 (FR): First-year project-oriented course using the Python programming language and a fun project running on Raspberry PIs with the Sense Hat module.

You can learn more about our research and publications, the group members and our individual activities using the menu.

We are often looking for passionate new PhD students, Postdocs, and Master students to join the team (more info)

The group acknowledges the support and funding from UCLouvain, the Belgian FNRS, the Brussels-Capital Region Innoviris, Wallonia’s SPW, the CHIST-ERA ERA-NET programme, and the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 (H2020) programme.


21. October 2021

Paper accepted at SAFELIFE 2021 workshop: 'Smart Home Care: Towards Supporting Elderlies in the Comfort and Safety of their (Smart) Homes', in collaboration with Sirris (BE).

30. September 2021

Etienne will present Shard Scheduler to the first RedChainLab workshop organized by iExec and CNRS in Lyon on October 7.

29. September 2021

Two presentations accepted for the Consensus Day 2021 organized by Protocol Labs, on Shard Scheduler (AFT 2021) and topic-based discovery for the next-generation Ethereum network.

15. September 2021

Matthieu Pigaglio joins the group as a PhD student and TA, working on sharding in blockchains. Welcome Matthieu!

10. September 2021

Igor successfully defended his PhD thesis on 'Building Private-by-Design IoT Systems'. Congratulations Dr. Zavalyshyn!

01. September 2021

Donatien Schmitz joins the group as a PhD student on the GEPICIAD project. Welcome Donatien!

9. August 2021

Paper accepted at ACM AFT 2021: 'Shard Scheduler: object placement and migration in sharded, account-based blockchains', in collaboration with City, University of London, University College London, Facebook Novi and Lazyledger (UK).

26. July 2021

Paper accepted at the Ubicomp 2021 workshop on mental health, sensing and intervention: 'Controlling Security Rules Using Natural Dialogue: an Application to Smart Home Care'.

20. July 2021

Guillaume's paper 'Active replication for latency-sensitive stream processing in Apache Flink' accepted at SRDS 2021 (2/2). This is a collaboration with TU Dresden (Germany)

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